Many Stardoll Cheats At Your Hands

Are you familiar with Stardoll? Before proceeding with Stardoll cheats, you need guidance on the game and basic principles. To start playing you just have to enter to their main webpage and read terms of conditions. Get rid of doubts and find out if the game is free, how to improve and customize your doll, and so on.


To register you must first choose your character, complete the application for a user (name, password, your email address, etc. Once submitted you need to activate your account. Thus, once you have created your account, it is time to start playing.

Get Stardoll cheats and choose the server that you have been given to create the account, when you enter the server you will be asked to enter your account name and password, entering several options will appear. Almost all games have cheats, codes that are activated by writing, exploring remote areas of a map or pressing buttons in sequence: iddqd and are invulnerable. You can consider Stardoll cheats to make sure everything is modified faster in Stardolls, ↑ ↓ <– –> A + Start and you can choose the level.

Memory game and values

Thus, you have to resort to tools that access the memory game, find the values ​​to change and alter them without affecting the current game. The professional standard for this is Cheat Engine, which has already reached version.

Question of Numbers

In this case, the main goal is more ambitious: to create the doll of your dreams. As the main function of Cheat Engine is the issue of memory, which allows you to change game settings immediately, you will use it to get mountains of data. The first step is to open the game. Before turning to Cheat Engine, put it on pause.

Memory addresses Cheat Engine returns are many: only a few contain the value for the money, but how many know what is between rows? The best strategy is to change this value and re-scan in several steps.

Once you have changed the values, return to play and perform some action (for example, change clothes); triggering an event and following the flow of the game is usually required for the proper implementation tricks. If it works, you will see that the dolls will be updated as if by magic.

Sharing is good

If you want to share Stardoll cheats with others, save the table of tricks on the hard drive and send it to the official site of Cheat Engine, where it will join the others. Use tables cheat saves considerable time, since the memory address search requires considerable effort.